Book of Intentions

Since we are unable to have our Book of Intentions in the church at this time, we invite you to submit your intentions here.

Submit an Intention

All intentions are anonymous. Please allow 24 hours for your intention to appear here. Intentions will be remembered at all of our masses.

Lord, hear our prayer.

  1. Please pray for my daughters boyfriend Leo that his interview goes well and he will soon be employed again.

  2. Please pray for the repose of the souls of Joe and Bettie Washington. Thank you.
    From their children.

  3. Prayers for PEACE in our country. Prayers for our government to do the right things. Prayers to STOP abortions.

  4. Please pray for the health and safety of our school students, teachers, and everyone who works at schools.

  5. God have mercy on the soul of Joe Biden for his radical position on abortion and for giving money to foreign countries for their
    abortions. May the pope speak out on this!

  6. Anonymous

    Please pray for my son’s return to the Catholic faith and that my family not lose faith should my cancer diagnosis be a negative one. May they see God’s good hand in everything that comes our way. May God have mercy on us all.

  7. Please pray for the health and well being of persons who work in the healthcare field, first responders, people in hospitals, and in nursing facilities.

  8. For all elected officials to open their minds and hearts to the Pro Life issues and to protect the lives of the unborn

  9. Please pray for healing for my sister Lynn Adamchik from Texas who attends our church during the summer months. She has been admitted to the covid ward in her local hospital because she had covid and developed pneumonia in both lungs.

  10. Pray for the nation as riots continue and hatred prevails. Hopefully our nation will become whole again if we all pray to God, the Blessed Mother, and all the saints.

  11. please pray for my grandfather Frank Meyers for he is not doing good at all. And not sure how much time we will have left with him. He is loved by many!!
    I love you grandfather my best friend.

  12. For Frank Arcurio as he continues to fight COVID and pneumonia at Conemaugh hospital. That his lungs continue to heal and start functioning on their own. For his heart, kidneys, and other organs to continue to work and stay strong. For the damage of covid to his lungs to be reversed and his whole body heals so that he is able to come off the vent.

  13. Please pray for my brother . He is in the hospital diagnosed with COVID. Pray for the doctors and nurses who are caring for all these sick patients.

  14. Please continued prayers for Frank. Pray also for all the doctors, nurses and staff caring for such sick patients.

  15. Please pray for my son-in-law that God keep him in his healing arms so that he remains cancer free.

  16. Pray for my mother and husband that God gives them strength, peace and healing during this difficult time,

  17. Pray for my mother, Cora Rhodes. She is critical on a ventilator in ICU. Please pray that Our Lord will lay his healing hands on her lungs.

  18. Please pray for Rocco who will be going through surgery soon. Please pray that he will come through with his surgery and not have any other cancerous masses. Please also pray for the surgeons who will be operating on him and the nursing staff who will care for him while he’s not with his family.

  19. Please pray for my co-workers son in law Phil.
    He is becoming very ill. Please pray for a healing for him.

  20. Please pray for my aunt in a nursing home who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer which has metastasized and also broke her arm. She’ll be 90 on Dec. 4.

  21. Please pray for for my mother who is in a nursing home. Also pray for my father to give him strength. Please Pray to keep them healthy.

  22. Please pray for Lisa that she can stay healthy & avoid getting Covid at her work. Please also give her comfort as she has much sadness this year.

  23. Please pray for all of our healthcare workers who work in hospitals, nursing facilities to keep them safe and healthy.

  24. Prayer intention for my Brother Raymond Washington who passed away today, May the dear Lord accept him in his arms.

  25. Please pray for a quick and complete healing for Fr. Antony and that Fr. Peles and Deacon Russo do not test positive. Please pray that all the St Benedict staff stays covid free.

  26. Please pray for Father Antony for a quick recovery from his illness. Please pray for Fathers Dave and Antony, Deacon Russo, and Sister Cindy to keep them safe and healthy.

  27. That all politicians will support the PRO-LIFE issues that our Catholic Church teaches and that Joe Biden will change his views on this issue!

  28. Pray for my husband and I, that we may reconcile and not divorce. May we receive peace, healing, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our marriage, and may my husband be healed of his inner turmoil and anxieties.

  29. Please pray for my father, who suffers from dementia and ill health, that he may find healing of his ailments.

  30. Please Lord, protect all our front line health workers during these trying times and please bring an end to this crippling pandemic so hope can be restored. Amen

  31. Please pray for our doctors, nurses, CNA’s, and anyone else who is in the medical field to keep them safe. Please pray for the persons in nursing homes and hospitals to help them to overcome their illnesses and to get and stay healthy.

  32. Please pray for Leo Cayetano.
    He is only 29 and seems to be losing his eyesight.
    Also please pray for President Trump and his family and Vice President
    Pence and his family to be able to show the world who really won this election.

  33. In thanksgiving for prayers answered for Kelly High as she rings the bell on Wednesday for the end of her chemo treatments. May God continue to bless her .

  34. Please pray for our healthcare workers, people with mental disabilities, people battling illness and addictions.

  35. Please pray for our students and anyone who works with them – teachers, school staff & bus drivers – to keep them safe and healthy.

  36. Please pray for the residents and workers of nursing facilities to keep them safe and healthy.

  37. My niece, Leslie, who has been cancer free for nearly a year, has just found out that it has returned. Please add her to our prayer chain.

  38. I always pray for God’s will but then I catch myself trying to steer His plan my way (a little). Anyway, I pray for my son to find someone who TRULY loves him to hang out with, date, & hopefully have a future with. It would be nice for her to be a Christian already.

  39. For the souls of all the faithful departed, especially all those who have died from COVID. May they Rest In Peace.

  40. For my wife who is undergoing neurological testing in Pittsburgh. May she get the answers to improve her health condition.

  41. For son to get a job very soon we have been praying for over a year. Peace to his family. In jesus name we pray.

  42. For my boyfriend and his brother that God gives them strength and the power to overcome this battle. Everyone’s prayers could help during this difficult time.

  43. for my nephew and godchild, who just had a double lung transplant in pittsburgh due to cystic fibrosis

  44. Please pray for the safety of my sister and her family in Beaumont, Texas and for all those facing fear and uncertainty due to the Hurricanes.

  45. For my daughter. She is only 25 and has been experiencing severe neck pain that goes down her arms making them numb. It’s preventing her from pursuing her career and living her life. So far nothing has helped. Please pray for healing.

  46. For Fr Antony and his family, all Parish members, students/teachers returning back to school and my family.

  47. For my deceased husband, Paul Webb, my deceased father Dick Trabold and living mother Vera Trabold and my deceased in-laws, Jim and Ione Webb.

  48. For healthcare workers, researchers, and especially for those who volunteer for vaccine testing.

  49. Please Pray for 2yr old Carter Wiley who is in the hospital with Cancer
    Thank You He is our nephew in New Jersey

  50. For my work environment to be better and boss and coworkers to be kinder to me.

  51. For my husband and I to experience God’s peace and healing and to resolve our martial issues.

  52. Going to doctor appointment have not had any energy , I pray for help and answer to problem.