Parish Life

Fish Fry Committee

About us: Hosting approximately nine fish fries, spanning from Ash Wednesday and continuing every Friday during Lent, the St. Benedict Fish Fry Committee uses these successful (and tasty!) social events to raise funds to support the Church. The success of our fish fries is the result of our amazing volunteers! We generally have one organizational meeting a few weeks before the first event.

We are reaching out to: Two types of volunteers: those who do not mind a busy and sometimes hectic kitchen and service environment and those who prefer to work behind the scenes. We are happy to work with you wherever you would like to serve, and we’ll provide training! Kitchen and service workers must comply with food safety regulations to ensure the safety of our customers. Volunteers are always needed to cook, to serve food, and/or to help clean-up, and may choose to participate in any or all of the fish fries, which generally run from lunchtime through early evening. Prep work opportunities also exist before each event. We do ask that volunteers commit to working at least 3 hours, but may work as many as 6 hours or more.

Behind the scenes workers assist with inventory management, ordering supplies, advertising, etc.

John Akers

Garden Ministry

About us:  The Garden Ministry gathers to plant, weed, mulch, water, fertilize and perform general garden maintenance around the parish grounds.   We also re-purpose the plants (spring bulbs, fall mums, etc.) used in altar decorating to increase the beauty of our campus and to enjoy God’s colorful handiwork! We do not perform any fundraising activities, but we do accept cash and plant donations to sustain our projects. 

We are looking for: Individuals and families who have an interest in working outdoors and are physically able to help with gardening-type work that may include lifting, bending, walking, kneeling, etc.  Our work is dependent upon the growing seasons and is completed on an as-needed basis, during various daytime, evening, and weekend hours, early spring through late fall.  Some on-going projects including fertilizing, watering, weeding and trimming.  Some more seasonally-related projects include spring and fall clean-up, which are done at the beginning and end of the growing seasons.  Mulching, a group activity, is accomplished during the spring.  We typically communicate gardening projects via group text or email.

Sharon Trabold

Monthly Breakfasts

About us:  We offer a monthly breakfast that fosters community among our parishioners and also raises needed funds for various local charities.

We are reaching out to: All smiling faces who are willing to give a few hours of their time.  We need volunteers to set up tables, to prepare or serve food and coffee, to replenish items on the table, or to have  friendly conversations with those who attend.  The time commitment is generally 2-4 hours for the breakfasts in which you volunteer.

We are also seeking people to patronize these delicious breakfasts.  Watch the bulletin and Flocknotes for more details.

Sue Kiniry

Parish Reunion

About us: The Parish Reunion is our church’s major fundraising event, netting nearly $100,000 annually which helps to support all the wonderful ministries we provide. It is a “homecoming” time for the parish, a great social time for our community, and the time when the most volunteers come together.

We are reaching out to: volunteers who are committed to performing hands-on work during the 3 day reunion weekend, generally held in July. Several volunteer opportunities exist: work in food service by assisting with the chicken and waffle dinner or in the concession area; help with entertainment by chairing or working booths, the bingo tent, or the flea market, help to keep the reunion running smoothly by working in the office or help to keep the grounds clean each night. No matter what the task, service to our “customers” is key, and on the job training is provided.

The maximum time commitment over the entire weekend is 17 hours, but time commitments vary based upon the type of work for which you volunteer. Ideally, we would love for individuals and families to commit to several hours over the entire weekend, but if you have only a few hours to give, we can find an opportunity for you.

Committee meetings are held January through September. Watch the bulletin and Flocknotes for more information. We look forward to working with you!

St. Benedict Rectory Office

Pastoral Council

About us: The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the pastor, assisting with programs that promote the spiritual and material welfare of the parish. Membership consists of nine parish members, as well as leaders of key parish ministries. Parishioners nominated to serve are selected by draw on Pentecost Sunday.

We are reaching out to: Individuals committed to serving the church and assisting others in deepening their faith with their time, talents, or treasures. Nominees must have received all sacraments of Christian Initiation–Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation–and if married, must be in a valid marriage, having been married in the Catholic Church or with the appropriate dispensation, be at least 18 years old, be an active registered member of the parish, attending Mass regularly, and cannot be a paid employee or spouse of a paid employee of St. Benedict. Training consists of a 3-4 hour orientation session.

Council members are expected to attend all monthly Parish Pastoral Council meetings and participate in discussions, to serve on sub-committees, to be knowledgeable of parish ministries and activities, and to participate in parish activities as a sign of witness to the parish. The term is 3 years, with an average time commitment of 2.5-3.5 hours per month

Rectory Office