Altar Servers

The Altar Server’s primary role is to assist the celebrant during Mass so that the liturgy may be conducted with reverence and dignity. The Altar Server Ministry teaches responsibility, humility, and an appreciation for the Mass while developing a sense of participation in parish life and a love for the church’s liturgical life. It also offers an opportunity to understand the rewards of service toward others while growing closer to God.

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Altar Server News & Events

Interested in Becoming an Altar Server? The altar server ministry is open to all boys and girls of St. Benedict parish who are in the 4th grade or above. Altar servers must have already received the Sacrament of Holy Communion, be able to attend scheduled training sessions, and be available on a regular basis to serve at Mass. Enrollment of altar servers is on-going.

Please contact the Rectory about training sessions.
(814) 266-9718 ext. 501

Ministry Scheduler Pro FAQ

What is Ministry Scheduler Pro? Ministry Scheduler Pro is the program used to create our Altar Server, Lector, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, and Choir Ministry Schedules. The program allows us to take into consideration every minister’s preference when scheduling, as well as maintain an accurate database of all our ministers.

How do I obtain a profile? When you have completed the training for your respective ministry, your information will be entered into Ministry Scheduler Pro, and you will be sent your username and password for accessing your profile online.

Why do I have a profile? Your online profile allows you to regularly update your contact information, preferences, and availability. By accessing your online profile, you can also view the current schedule and request replacements for masses in which you are scheduled to serve.

Unable to serve? If you are unable to serve when scheduled, it is important you find a replacement in a timely manner. Finding a replacement can be easily done through our Ministry Scheduler Pro website.  Log into your account and click “My Schedules.” Next to the date you are scheduled, to serve, click “Request Sub.” You may also look under the “Roster” tab and obtain the names and phone numbers of fellow members and call them directly. Failure to secure a sub could result in fewer assigned masses or removal from the rotation all together.

Having trouble accessing your profile? Contact Jerene Philibin at