Father Antony’s School

Father Antony’s School

Father Antony returned to us in November after spending 16 months in India.

For Father Antony Sudherson, HGN the Roman Catholic Primary School of Mylapuram, located in the state of Tamil Nadu, southern India, holds a very special place in his heart. This is the school that Fr. Antony attended as a child and a school that up until recently, continued to educate the children of Mylapuram.

When first built, the school was a temporary structure with a thatched roof and taught grades 1 to 3. It was not until 1994 that a concrete building was erected for the school and classes were able to expand to include Pre-k to 5th grade. In 2001 the school celebrated 60 years of providing education! But today the school sits empty and unused because of much needed repairs.

When the rain comes, the water rises and floods the school making it impossible to use the school in its current condition. Time is short since the rainy seasons begins in September.

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