The Linus Mission

April 2021

Thank you video

Palm Sunday in Nigeria

January 17, 2021

Tony DeGol speaks with Deacon Michael and Linus on Proclaim!

January 19, 2021

Christmas party for children

December 17, 2020

December 12, 2020

Linus and other seminarians preparing food
for the children’s Christmas Party.

December 7, 2020

Linus distributing rosaries to the children

Linus and his mom

December 5, 2020 Update

Pope condemns “terroristic massacre” of Nigerian farmers

Click here to read Pope Francis’ comments on the attack in northeast Nigeria by suspected Islamist militants.

November 23, 2020 Update

With assistance from generous donors we were able to send 4000 rosaries, 2500 prayer cards, 119 masks, 265 scapulars, and other religious items to Nigeria. Over 100 pounds of items were sent. The shipment should arrive by the end of the week. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in this very dangerous part of the world.

October 25, 2020 Update

Linus recently sent the following update and pictures to us:

The recent crisis in Nigeria is the fight against the police brutality on the youth. There is a particular arm of police that kills the youths on daily basis because of the kind of dressing, hairstyle, phone type etc . They are called SARS (State anti robbery squad).

 They are in charge of armed robbery in the states and country at large. The youths are also fighting for bad governance. They believe that nothing is working in the country and as such they are fighting seriously to end bad government and police brutality. They tagged their peaceful protest “ENDSARs”

As it stands now the government is killing the protesters and the more they kill the higher the violence. In fact, most of the palliative [items] that are meant to be released for the poor masses to aid them during the pandemic lockdown was not given to them. Instead it was hijacked by the bad government for selfish gain. It was later discovered by the youths and they are now taking it forcefully from the government.

The government now imposed curfew but up to now the youth are not listening to the government anymore because it seems they are not listening to the cry of the youths either. 

Many souls have died and many lives and individual business are at risk too.

Meanwhile as it is happening I am busy going to some widow’s to aid them . Some refused camera due to fear of unknown and why some are allowed us. I have a video of an old women about 110 years who lives alone and a widow too . I went and gave her some money to buy food and some other little things I could afford.

Linus Enters the Novitiate

On October 10, 2020, Linus was invited to enter the novitiate for the Missionaries of Christ the Savior (MJS) commonly known as the Jesolites. They live consecrated lives as they promise, profess, and take perpetual profession with their profession with their formation of life in the institute in Fivefold formation: Spiritual Formation, Academic Formation, Human Formation, Pastoral formation, and Medical formation.

The novitiate process lasts for approximately one year. During that time, Linus will be joining the community in prayer, further developing his Gifts of the Holy Spirit, deepening his spiritual life through spiritual reading and meditation and continuing his mission of distributing rosaries, Bibles, and prayer aides to the host community.

Upon completing his novitiate year he will enter “first theology” under the direction of the vocation director and superior of the congregation.

Linus extends his thanks to everyone who has supported him in his ministry and vocation path and asks for continued support and prayers so he can to minister to the widows, orphans, and families in need.

Your prayers and blessings are felt in Nigeria. Linus wishes God’s blessing on everyone. He continues to pray for our health and well-being.

Linus Shares the Profession of Novitiates

Who is Ibekwe chinonso Linus?

Driven by the Holy Spirit and his intense love of God and devotion to our Blessed Mother, Linus begins each day with Mass and daily reflections on Sacred Scripture. He shares his reflections with friends all over the world. He uses the rosary as a powerful spiritual tool for meditation.

Our friend has a spiritual hunger to help the poor and the needy and spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the villages he visits. As part of his humanitarian mission he encourages devotion to our Blessed Mother through praying the rosary. He instructs adults and children alike that the gentle repetition of its prayers makes it an excellent way to deepen meditation, open hearts to God’s word, and keep all who embrace this devotion focused on the life of Jesus.

While giving instruction about this beautiful devotion he distributes rosaries whenever and wherever he can. He comforts the sick with his prayerful presence and all look forward to his visits and his sharing of his faith and love of God and our Blessed Mother. He embraces the gift of community building as he holds God very near to his heart and keeps God at the center of his mission work.

How can I help?

We developed a program to provide Linus with rosaries and other prayer and devotion aids. Although we are able to provide the prayer aides, our challenge is in raising the necessary funds to pay for the postage needed to ship the items. Therefore, we have established a GoFundMe page for this purpose. Please visit GoFundMe if you wish to contribute or contact Deacon Michael at 814-288-3036 or to contribute directly.

Learn more about the struggles in Kaduna, Nigeria

Christians in the farming communities of Kaduna, a large state in northern Nigeria, are being massacred by the Muslim Fulani tribesmen. Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and farms. This is one village where Linus ministers.

Sharing with the villagers

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More information on the ongoing struggles
in Kaduna can be found here.