Bible Study Comments

Thank you, Deacon Michael.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to join your bible study remotely. You have made it possible for me to attend, again, even though I am out of town and have young children.  You are always well prepared with a wealth of knowledge.  After each session, I can’t wait to get to mass and experience what we have talked about during the bible study!

Have a blessed weekend!

Amy Farrell

I enjoyed the session last week.  About the length of the homily: it’s too short. Most Catholics end their catechesis in 11th grade with Confirmation. I believe we all need more education about our faith.

Chuck Wolf

As a first timer to your Bible Study I just want to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed ( if I can say it that way ) the first session !
The information was both educational and thought provoking, and I so look forward to your next class. It definitely sparked and ignited my desire to learn more about my faith ( and as you said the more you know the more it means ).
Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

Mary Louise Wargo 

Thank you for the Second class on the Bible and the Mass. Always learning traditions and new meanings and changes that make Mass more meaningful. Such good references from Bible to our ways in the Mass.  So enjoying the class.

Deacon Chip Young

Great session today. The significance of the Altar and the references to stone were impactful to me.

Nelson Lowes

From learning the liturgical basis for why we do what we do in the Mass I am certain that the Mass will become more meaningful to me as I attend in the future.

Becky Lear

I just loved ❤️ it!   So informative! So easy to understand why we do things the way we do lol!  Felt so connected! Looking forward to each and every week 😊!

Thank you
Phyllis Berkebile

My impressions of the seminar/class were on target.  This is delving deeper into the Catholic Christian beliefs.

Cristian Ridilla

The depth of the Mass is brought to light through the scriptures!
Truly love the tying of the two together so I can enjoy Mass as never before!
Thank you, Deacon Michael!
God Bless 

Deacon Jerry Nevling

I do wish to comment and tell you how awesome this experience has been so far.  I have learned so much in just these 2 sessions – and it has enhanced my experience at Mass – and I know will help me as I’ve been trying to ‘better’ commit to reading and understanding scripture.  I will continue to look at my notes to recall and remind myself of these things I’ve learned – but I KNOW my faith walk and spiritual life will be greatly enhanced. 

Melissa Bunk

I am really enjoying learning about how the celebration of the Mass is so closely intertwined and related to scripture and gaining a better understanding why we do what we do as Catholic Christians during our weekly Bible study classes.  Thank you for embracing the use of technology during this unprecedented time.  Gaining an understanding of scripture in any sense is helping us grow our spiritual lives—thank you for assisting with that! 

Jeanine Lawn

There is much to learn.

Chuck Williams