Daily Reflections from Linus

Journeying With Christ

October 26, 2020

Eph.4:32-5:8,  Lk.13:10-17

Jealousy is a very bad disease, it blinds us both spiritually and physically. Such is the case of the synagogue official and us too. He is well aware that what Jesus was good, but instead of giving glory to God, he resorted in twisting everything to confuse the people.

Are we different? Most of us knows how to get and give good things to ourselves, but when it comes to giving to others, dem!!! We remember mortification and sacrifices, we give all kinds of excuses beautiful excuses why we will not help the poor and the helpless.

St Paul is exhorting us in the first reading to live in love, to turn away from immorality. True, we are once darkness, but God in His mercy has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. Let us live as Children of light, bearing fruits of kindness, generosity, mercy and love. Praise be to our lord Jesus Christ both now and forever. Amen

 *Happy Morning of a New week from Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 25, 2020

Exo.22:21-27,  1Thes.1:5-10,   Mtt.22:34-40

What is the the greatest commandment? For some people in our world today it is having a heavy bank account, for some good health, yet for some others progress in whatever they are doing. All these things are good, perfectly good BUT are they the greatest commandment?

Christ told us in the Gospel of today that the greatest commandment is LOVE. Speaking about that love He adds ”All” in it, meaning that our love should be all-embracing, unconstitutional, untainted.

 This is a true Christian love as we see it in second reading. It is other people who will marvel and speak about our love for each other as Christians, not we bragging and making show of ourselves. The first reading reminds us that that love should extend to strangers as well, to the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that a true Christian should love until it hurts. This will show you that love is not easy, but that’s our Christian character. Jesus we are following loved and died for Love and we claim to be His followers, His disciples. 

That’s good but the readings of today is challenging us to live the life of love, the highest commandment. We pray that we be animated by the spirit as to answer fully our upward call in Christ both now and always through Christ our Lord. Amen

 *Happy Sunday Morning from Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 24, 2020

Eph.4:7-16,     Lk.13:1-9

Jesus continues to call us to repentance, yes an inward and sincere examination of conscience. It is not for us to go about looking for who is not doing well, who is a sinner or why and reason such befall some people. No! Unless we repent sincerely and honestly, we are no better than those we are criticizing.

Instead of criticism and name calling, let us heed the admonition of St Paul. Let us build the body of Christ, let us help each other until we all realise our common unity in Christ. It is this unity, this oneness, that will help us to bear fruit, fruit that will last.

And this is my prayer for us, that we should bear abundant fruit in Christ both now and always through Christ our Lord. Amen

 *Good Morning from Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 23, 2020

Eph.4:1-6,    Lk.12:54-59

In the first reading of today, Paul in his prison is admonishing the Christians to fight the good fight of faith. He listed the virtues that befits our noble vocation as Christians. Patience, kindness, forbearing one another in love.  It is these virtues when practiced well, will help us to be wise and interpret the signs of our time well.

We are now in a critical condition in our country, no one knows what will happen next. Let us begin now to put our lives in order, let us settle whatever we may have with anyone, but above all, let us settle with God because here in this life we are enjoying His Mercy; there we will experience His justice. May God give us the wisdom to read the hand writing on the wall and courage to act accordingly through Christ our Lord. Amen

 *Good Morning, Stay blessed, Stay safe. Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 22, 2020

Eph.3:2-12,    Lk.12:28-48

Today’s gospel shocks the mind with utter bewilderment concerning the personality of Jesus. Is the Prince of Peace now an entity of confusion and contradiction? No! Fire purifies and Baptism washes anew.

When the truth of the gospel is proclaimed, righteous hearts are at peace but the heart of the wicked is in trouble with divisions, confusion, fire and rancor. Indeed, Jesus has brought everlasting peace and truth!  We do not seek the word of God to comfort us as it is preached. It should  be an arrow shooting on us, our heart, and it always sinks in some heart and at the same time a confusion in the midst of many or some individuals. The question I ask myself /Pastor/brethren and you is: are we ready to accept any gospel even in the midst of law or human right? (A priest can easily condemn an act in the church because it’s not the right thing to do in the presence of God. But do we feel it’s against the acclaimed societal norm? We tend to condemn the priest or pastor for speaking out. We even call police for him or her just because he or she condemned an act).

I pray for you as I pray for myself to always seek God more and more amidst any inner war or confusion. May we seek more of the things of God than the things of man through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Good morning and God bless you today!

Ibekwe chinonso Linus

October 20, 2020

Eph.2:12-22,   Lk.12:35-38

In the first reading of today, St Paul reminds us that we are no longer aliens or foreign visitors, rather we are fellow citizens with the saints in God’s dwelling.

But as we suppose to know, every right has a responsibility attached to it. The Gospel reminds us of that responsibility. As citizens, we must have our lamps lit, our loins girded and ready for action. The Gospel assures that blessedness will be ours if God finds us at our duty post, if He finds us faithful when He comes.

Dearly beloved, let faith be that loin around our waist; let righteousness be our lamp. Let us always be ready and eager to perform our duty sincerely and humbly. Let us work so faithfully and devotedly as true citizens of heaven so that when the Master comes, He will admit us to sit at the table with Him. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen

 *Good Morning. Remain blessed from Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 18, 2020

Isa.45:1.4-6,  1Thes.1:1-5,   Mtt.22:15-21.

Jesus instructed us to always be wise as serpent and gentle as dove.

Today on the cause of His teaching the Pharisees was angry and jealous of Him, they plot on how to set a trap for Him and kill Him, because He was preaching with authority and without fear of anybody. Why? because He is He knew He was offering the people the word of truth.

It is a warning to us to always be careful in everything we are doing, especially when we think that people are praising us. We must not forget that the enemy is looking for an opportunity to strike us and bring us down, let us always be watchful for the tactics of the enemy.

Paul told the Thessalonians today that he is always praying for them, let us always pray and ask God for the grace to always be watchful, because the enemy can try us through what we cherish most, it may be our colleagues or friends, let us always commit our life and ways to the Lord so that He will always protect us through Christ our Lord Amen

 *Happy Sunday Morning of glorious encounter.  @ Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 17, 2020

Eph.1:15-23,  Lk.12:8-12

Today we celebrate a renowned follower and sincere proclaimer of Christ, Ignatius of Antioch. On his way to Rome to be martyred, he wrote seven letters to the Churches encouraging them to stand firm in faith and love of Christ.

It is a personality like St Ignatius that Christ promised to acknowledge before the Angels. Why? Because Ignatius tirelessly and sincerely proclaims him by his word, his life and his death. He even pleaded with the Churches to allow him to be crushed by the lions that he may became a pure wheat for Christ.

He (Ignatius) experienced the same Joy that Paul shared in the first reading and used his heavenly gifts and blessings for the glory of God. We are challenged today, let us try, let us struggle to proclaim Christ by our words and by our deeds that He may acknowledge us before His Angels in heaven, to Him be glory forever and ever. Amen

 *Good Morning of a promising Weekend from  Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 16, 2020

Eph.1:11-14,   Lk.12:1-7

We are encouraged today to go on doing good. We must not be blind or ignorant of the works of the evil one, as Jesus advised his disciples to be careful of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. We should not copy them because everything we do in secret today will one day come to light, and everything we whispered today will one day be heard on the mountain top.

We need to be careful of our actions and words, no matter the situation we must always be the people of truth, speaking the truth without fear or fervour, because Christ encouraged us to only be afraid of God who can kill both body and soul, not human being who can only kill the body without touching the spirit. Speaking the truth and living the truth is the only thing that will prove us as Christians who have the seal of the spirit. It is then that we will be free from every bondage.

The scripture said wherever the spirit of God is, there is liberty. Only the spirit of God can set us free, we pray for the courage to always live for and speak the truth no matter the situation we may find ourselves without fear or fervour, because He who is in us is greater than the world and everything in it through Christ our Lord Amen

  *Good Morning from Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 13, 2020

Gal.5:1-6,  Lk.11:37-41

Paul told the Galatians that since Christ has set them free, there is no need of going back to their old way of living again, but should hold firm to the faith they have received. Likewise for us today, since we are called Christians we should behave like Christians (Christ bearer).

Our life does not base on our righteousness but on Christ who died on the Cross to set us free. As such, there are many traditions we should not involve ourselves, especially living double life, lying, jealousy, idolatry of any kind. We should endeavor to be what we are called, the Followers of the truth. Truth will always be on our lips.

Jesus went to  the house of Pharisees on invitation, and the Pharisees was busy watching Him and His disciples, he noticed that the disciples did not wash their hands as the tradition demands before eating. Jesus use that opportunity to teach them ”no need of Washing outside of the cup while the inside is very dirty” we must work on ourselves, Our inner selves, not to please humans but to please God in everything. It is the heart that matters, our inner conversion, our inner freedom.

We pray for the grace to be faithful, free and firm in our faith in our Lord Jesus because that is the only thing that will set us free both now and forever. Amen

 *Good Morning @ Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 12, 2020

Gal.4:22-24.26-27.31-5:1,  Lk.11:29-32

True wisdom and sincere repentance is a must tool for every Christian.

Christ condemn His generation for forsaking these noble gifts and looking for external signs. But the question is, are we not doing the same thing? How many of us Christians today seek God for God alone?

The first reading assures us that we are the children of a free woman, But are we really free?. Sincerely brethren, if we tell ourselves the truth, we know that many of us have conditions for seeking God. Many of us have allowed the challenges of this life to blur our vision of God. God is our provident father. He knows what we need and the best way to give it to us.

Let us be patient with God. Let us desist from looking for a sign before we could believe. Let us trust God and surrender to Him and He will take care of us both now and forever. Amen

 *Good Morning of a NewWeek and Columbus day 

 from  Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 11, 2020

Isa.25:6-10a, Phil.4:12-14.19-20,  Mtt.22:1-14

The banquet of the kingdom of heaven is free But not without preparation.

Prophet Isaiah in the first reading reminds us that on this mountain the Lord of host will prepare the banquet of great feast, there will be no more weeping nor sadness because it is the banquet of the Lord.

Jesus in His parable in the gospel, speaks about the same banquet. We all have been invited for free, but we need to cleanse ourselves, we need to prepare our ourselves. Let us not be among the guests who gave excuses that they can not attend. Jesus is inviting us always to Himself through His word.
We hear His Word everyday, both in the church, on the radio even on social media. He is calling us to come to Him, come and eat the finest meal, come and eat without paying anything. But are we responding to the call or are we still giving excuses? Only preparation is what He demands from us, to listen and obey His Word, to live a holy life, to love ourselves and neighbors, and to help those we are better than, that’s the only thing it will cost us to attend the banquet. No discrimination, He invites people everywhere and every tribe.

We pray for the grace to listen to God’s word and obey them so that we can attend that banquet of rich food through Christ our Lord. Amen

 *Happy Sunday Morning. Remain blessed from  Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 9, 2020

Gal.3:7-14,   Lk.11:15-26

Faith qualifies us to be children of God; while unity, proves we are not only God’s children, but heirs of the Kingdom of God.

Faith wins for us, the blessings of God and Unity protects the foundation of our faith. Our faith is shown by our good works of Mercy.  This is why in  the Christian fold, division is a weapon, the devil is using against us; and, sometimes, the people of the world can easily contend with us and win; because they believe in the slogan, that says “if the center can not  hold, things fall apart”.

This is applicable in a family setting; because of our lack of unity, the stronger man, attacks us and defeats us. The Lord said “if we are not for Him, we are against Him”. Let us try to be as the Lord says, by having faith and believing in God, so that the blessings of God concerning our lives, can only come through faith in the Lord. The law has nothing to offer, when we have faith in the Lord, that we will continue to please God in everything we do.

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ, both now and for evermore.

 *Good Morning, Remain blessed in the Lord @  Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 8, 2020

Gal.3:1-5,  Lk.11:5-13

One of the basic or distinctive mark of a Christian is Faith. Faith alone help us to believe all that God has revealed.  One of His revelations is His unconditional love towards us His creatures. If God has loved us so much, why do we still doubt? Why so much impatient? Why so quick in abandoning the way of truth?. Let us not be quick in deserting the way of the Lord. Yes, the journey may be tough, hard and tiresome, but if we persist in our knocking through prayer, He will unfailingly supply all our needs. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen

 *Good Morning from Ibekwe chinonso Linus*

October 7, 2020

Gal.2:1-2.7-14,   Lk.11:1-4

 Good Morning from  Ibekwe chinonso Linus

Sometimes to speak out boldly, sincerely and truthfully can really be challenging. More especially when it involves our close colleagues, associates or friends. But that’s what Paul did in the first reading, he spoke out sincerely without compromising.

What about you and me? To what extent do we bend the truth because ‘he’ is my colleague, ‘she’ is my friend. The only thing that will help us to stand firm as Christians, especially in the face of oppositions is prayer and truthfulness.

Christ prayed and also taught us how to pray. Prayer is the only and best asset we have in our struggles in this life. Let us draw close to God in prayer; let us seek His wisdom and strength in prayer.

In this month of October, let us endeavour to increase our prayer life.
May God help us to be more close to Him through prayer in this month and forever more though Christ our Lord. Amen.